Early Years – Memories and Dreams


This unit explores aspects of children’s lives such as depictions of celebrations, family activities, school, special times, recreation, and customs handed down from generation to generation.


Art Image Early Years – Memories and Dreams
By Amy Giles & Christine Thompson

The Teacher’s Guide includes six lessons offering clear, concise objectives, concepts or vocabulary words, materials, preparation, and extension activities for further exploration of the theme and concepts presented in the program. Biographies of the five artists featured in this set are provided for teachers who wish to share this information.

Some of the concepts introduced in the lessons are: memories, dreams, celebrations, everyday events, background, foreground, overlapping, repetition, size, distance, pattern, collaboration, line, shape, blending color, mood, resist, focal point, storytelling, and composition.

The reproductions in this set depict people gathered in particular places, engaged in routine events and special ceremonies, or activities within their culture. Often these images recall the artist’s memories of childhood, of time spent with families and friends, playing, learning, enjoying quiet times and community celebrations. Looking closely at these narrative paintings, children will develop understanding of the similarities among children from different cultures. Most importantly, they will relate the incidents in the paintings to their own experiences, activities within their culture, as well as imagined events. Both the challenge and excitement of depicting their memories and dreams in the company of other children frequently initiate dialogue among children. The stories they tell about their lives in the images they create ultimately build the children’s appreciation for the unity that underlies the diversity of their experiences.

This set can be used as a stand-alone program, or adapted and used to initiate new projects or areas of studies, or to incorporate art images into young children classrooms and curricula.

The kit includes:

  • 5 Fine Art Reproductions 18″ x 22 ¾ ” (45.8 cm X 56.5 cm);
  • A Teacher’s Guide;
  • A plastic portfolio for storage.


List of reproductions you will find in your Memories and Dreams Kit:

Morikage, Kuzumi, Family Enjoying the Evening Cool
Herrera, Velino Shije, Story Teller
Rivera, Diego, La Pinata
Ringgold, Faith, Tar Beach
Crite, Allan Rohan, School’s Out

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