Early Years – Shapes, Colors and Stories


This unit captures students’ interest as they explore decisions artists make as they combine shapes, colors, and textures in images.


Art Image Early Years – Shapes, Colors and Stories
By Christine Thompson

The Teacher’s Guide includes six lessons offering clear, concise objectives, concepts or vocabulary words, materials, preparation, and extension activities for further exploration of the theme and concepts presented in the program. Biographies of  the five artists featured in this set are provided for teachers who wish to share this information.

Some of the concepts introduced in the lessons are: shapes, colors, relations (on top, behind, in front, touching, not touching), size comparisons (big, small, thin, long), distances (close/far, moving/standing still), title, texture, line, and point of view.

The reproductions in this set  feature paintings by twentieth-century artists who limited the “subject matter” of their work to ideas that could be expressed through simple shapes. All the artists began with the same basic ingredients, yet each created a distinctive work through the decision he or she made about the size, placement, color, and relationship of forms. As the children consider and explore some of the possibilities which the work of these artists suggests, they will discover that they too can use shapes and colors to tell stories or simply combine these elements to create their own abstract images.

This set can be used as a stand-alone program, or adapted and used to initiate new projects or areas of studies, or to incorporate art images into young children classrooms and curricula.

 The kit includes:

  • 5 Fine Art Reproductions 18″ x 22 ¾ ” (45.8 cm X 56.5 cm);
  • A Teacher’s Guide;
  • A plastic portfolio for storage.


List of reproductions you will find in your Shapes, Colors and Stories Kit:

Klee, Paul, Red Balloon
Kandinsky, Wassily, Several Circles
Bellefleur, Léon, Le poisson dans la ville (Fish in the City)
Herbin, Auguste, Vendredi 1
Kohlmeyer, Ida, Circus Series #2

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