Early Years – Pets Are Parts of Our Lives


This unit provides rich opportunities for children to learn about how we care for pets and how they, in turn, enrich our lives.


Art Image Early Years
By Christine Thompson

The Teacher’s Guide includes six lessons offering clear, concise objectives, concepts or vocabulary words, materials, preparation, and extension activities for further exploration of the theme and concepts presented in the program. Biographies of the five artists featured in this set are provided for teachers who wish to share this information.

Some of the concepts introduced in the lessons are: mischief, light/dark pattern, relational concepts, positions or ways animals move, nocturnal animals, conflict, history, size, emotions, texture, warm colors, family life, and interior scenes.

The reproductions in this set are the works of artists who loved to paint people’s pet animals and things that happened in their home or in their environment. Students will draw or tell stories based on incidents with their own pets or animals they know; become attentive to animals who live in their environment; discuss their own feeling about large or unfamiliar animals; learn how to search for clues that tell about a subject depicted.

This set can be used as a stand-alone program, or adapted and used to initiate new projects or areas of studies, or to incorporate art images into young children classrooms and curricula.

The kit includes:

  • 5 Fine Art Reproductions 18″ x 22 ¾ ” (45.8 cm X 56.5 cm);
  • A Teacher’s Guide;
  • A plastic portfolio for storage.


List of reproductions you will find in your Pets Are Parts of Our Lives Kit:

Colville, Alexander, Child and Dog
Gauguin, Paul, Still Life with Three Puppies
Goya, Francisco, Don Manuel Osorio Manrique…
Renoir, P.-A., Madame Charpentier and Her Children
Bonnard, Pierre, La femme au chat

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