Art Image Digital Guide grade 2


NEW! Digital edition of the Art Image program.

Revised and enhanced, this digital guide includes 30 high quality images for projection in your classroom.

The perfect formula to implement an art appreciation program.

  • Grade: 2

The digital guide includes:

  • Revised and enhanced lesson plans based on the popular Art Image Series;
  • 15 detailed theme-based easy-to-use lessons;
  • 30 high quality digital images for projection in the classroom;
  • Guided discussion to introduce elements and principles of art;
  • Art criticism based on–both fine art images and student artwork;
  • Biographies of featured artists;
  • Effective for both a classroom situation or for individual group study.


List of the digital images you will find in your Art Image Digital Guide grade 2:

2.1 African, Nigeria, Leopard
2.2 Avery, Milton, White Rooster
2.3 Beaver, Fred, Seminoles Preparing Food
2.4 Bierstadt, Albert, Merced River, Yosemite Valley
2.5 Calder, Alexander, Cow
2.6 Cassatt, Mary, Young Mother Sewing
2.7 Chagall, Marc, Birthday
2.8 Chinese, Ming Dynasty, Five-Clawed Dragon
2.9 Cuyp, Aelbert, Children and a Cow
2.10 David, Gérard, The Rest on the Flight into Egypt
2.11 Dubuffet, Jean, The Cow with the Subtle Nose
2.12 Egyptian, XI Dynasty, A Man Plowing with Oxen
2.13 Franchère, Joseph, Kettle of Soap
2.14 Gauguin, Paul, La Orana Maria
2.15 Hopper, Edward, Tables for Ladies
2.16 Indian, Mughal, Great Hornbill
2.17 Indian, Mughal, Khamsa, Five Poems
2.18 Jackson, Alexander Young, The Red Maple
2.19 Kandinsky, Wassily, Several Circles
2.20 Kandinsky, Wassily, Blue Mountain
2.21 Krieghoff, Cornelius, Indian Family in the Forest
2.22 Lascaux, Black Cow
2.23 Peruvian, Nazca, Mummy Mantle Fragment
2.24 Shah-Nameh, Bahram Gur Slays the Rhino-Wolf
2.25 Soroseelutu, Ashoona, Cape Dorset Series, Untitled #2
2.26 Stella, Frank, Darabjerd III
2.27 Tanobe, Miyuki, Monday, Washing-Day
2.28 Tamayo, Rufino, Animals
2.29 Van Dongen, Kees, Parakeet
2.30 Vlaminck, Maurice de, The Locks at Bougival

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