Art First Nations: Elementary Kit


This kit explores the work and views of both traditional and contemporary Aboriginal artists. It enables students to develop their skills in creating innovative art while learning about First Nations cultural and artistic heritage.


By Bill Zuk and Don Bergland

The Art First Nations program is an instructional resource to assist both the elementary classroom teachers and art specialists who wish to complement their art program and incorporate Native aboriginal studies into the general curriculum. It highlights visual art that is being innovated by aboriginal artists throughout North America and focuses on ways important cultural beliefs and values are being renewed through visual expression. Through an exploration of these ideas, students will understand the ways First Nations artists share their identity, beliefs, and values in today’s world. They are encouraged to examine their own experiences and produce artwork that reflects innovation.

  • Emphasis is on the artistic innovation of First Nations artists in five major geographical and cultural areas in North America: Southwest, Arctic, Eastern Woodlands, Plains and Basin, and Northwest Coast;
  • Concepts of tradition and innovation are examined through a comparative picture approach;
  • Uses a structure which emphasizes the skills and techniques associated to Seeing and Making art;
  • Presents themes based on both traditional and contemporary aboriginal views, which foster positive, caring attitudes and values towards others and towards the Earth and all its creatures;
  • Develops students’ abilities to work in the manner of innovative artists and explore ideas through their own personal visions and outlooks;
  • Offers numerous extension activities integrating concepts and ideas beyond basic assignments.


Teacher’s Guide

The Teacher’s Guide includes step-by-step lesson plans incorporating critical inquiry, hands-on activities, vocabulary, assessment, biographical and cultural information, and numerous enrichment activities, which integrate creative writing, research, visual and performing arts, and social studies.

The set includes:

  • 20 Fine Art Reproductions 18″ x 22 3/4″ (45.8 cm x 56.5 cm);
  • A comprehensive Teacher’s Guide;
  • A sturdy carrying case with handle.


List of reproductions you will find in your First Nations Elementary Kit:

AFN 1 Taylor, Mary, Storm Pattern Rug
AFN 2 Johns, David, Melodies of Nature
AFN 3 Anonymous, Sunburst Earrings
AFN 4 Monongye, Jesse Lee, Sunbear Pendant
AFN 5 Innukjuakjuk, Pudlat, Female Owl
AFN 6 Kenojuak, Ashevak, Sun Owl and Foliage
AFN 7 Anonymous, Shaman’s Sucking Tube
AFN 8 Oonark, Jessie, Beautiful Woman
AFN 9 Anonymous, Penobscot Birchbark Box
AFN 10 Young, Phillip, Heritage No. 5
AFN 11 Morrisseau, Norval, Sacred Buffalo Worshippers
AFN 12 Morrisseau, Norval, The Landrights
AFN 13 Anonymous, Sioux Pipe Bowl with Human Head
AFN 14 Stump, Sarain, The Pain of the Indian
AFN 15 Anonymous, Pawnee Roach Spreader
AFN 16 Cardinal-Schubert, Joane, In the Garden II
AFN 17 Anonymous, Wolf Adze
AFN 18 Thomson, Art, Wolf Mask
AFN 19 Anonymous, Tlingit Appliqued Tunic
AFN 20 Bob, Dempsey and Linda, Tlingit Blanket

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